20 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands You Can Trust

Those of us who have made the switch to sustainable clothing find it rewarding and uplifting. Therefore, buying sustainable clothing has become a goal and a lifestyle choice. However, there might be a little voice of doubt regarding whether our preferred clothing brands truly offer sustainable fashion.

The Brands

If you sustainably want the best, these are the best brands to support:


The denim manufacturer has been committed to sustainable fashion for decades. In fact, their Waterless collection was made with 96% less water than competitor denim brands.

Alternative Apparel

This brand is focused on using only recycled materials and organic cotton.


This brand follows eco-friendly methods when making all of its clothing that is suitable for the entire family.


Everlane focuses on circulatory clothing. They feel that our clothing should last longer and be completely recyclable.


This isn't as much a brand as a platform for reusable clothing. Creating a safe space for sellers to sell their used clothing reduces waste and promotes sustainable living.

H&M Conscious

This line promotes the use of recycled polyester and organic cotton. In addition, stores accept shoppers' used clothing and offer discounts on future sales as a reward. They recycle the used clothing to be used in future clothing items.

Eileen Fisher

This brand uses unique felting techniques to create designs that are beautiful and eco-friendly.

Amour Vert

This brand focuses on the reduction of waste by keeping its production numbers low.

Polo Ralph Lauren

This designer minimizes water waste by using dyes that don't require any water.

Rent the Runway

This fantastic brand allows customers to rent clothing instead of buying items. This is a great way to reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion.


This brand's motto is 'Fewer things are better." The idea is that if we have quality items, we won't need to replace them so frequently, thereby cutting back on waste.



This respected brand promotes fair wages to reduce poverty around the world.


The brand's motivation is to use trash to create treasures. They use fashion scraps to make gorgeous items.

Vera Bradley

This brand is unique as it creates gorgeous handbags from recycled plastic bottles.

People Tree

People Tree focuses on fair wages and is dedicated to using only low-impact dyes.

Epoque Evolution

This great company uses the production waste of other companies to create their incredible fashion items.


Patagonia focuses on repairing clothing instead of replacing it, resulting in less waste.


Low water usage is the primary focus of this brand, and they succeed in making their items with minimal water usage.


This company makes 60% of its clothing with only eco-friendly materials.

Supporting these great brands not only gives us great peace of mind but also fills our closets with gorgeous items of clothing. Do your bit today and check out these progressive brands who don't just care about kitting out the world in great fashion but also care for the planet.