Eco-friendly Clothing Brands That Are Anything But Boring

Gone are the days when eco-friendly clothing meant dull clothing that was uncomfortable and unflattering. These days eco-friendly clothing is fun, fashion-forward, and fabulous. Being kind to the earth doesn't mean you need to wear boring clothes. Instead, you can make an eco-friendly statement while looking fierce.

The Brands

Turn heads while decreasing the footprint you leave on the environment with clothing from these phenomenal clothing brands:

Dora Larsen
Feel sexy every day with sustainable underwear that is made with organic and natural raw materials. In addition, this company donates 1% of its earnings to various environmental charities.

Laura Pitharas
If luxury clothing were an Olympic event, Laura Pitharas would have an arm full of gold medals. This British company has been setting trends and turning heads regarding luxury clothing for women since October 2021. So if you are looking for the perfect suit that is sustainable, high-quality, and expertly tailored, let Laura show you the way.

Stella McCartney
For Stella McCartney, it is not a sacrifice to make her clothing from vegan materials. Instead, it is a joy, and this makes her a trailblazer in sustainable clothing. Vegan luxury has never looked this good.

Faithfull The Brand
Involving local artisans is something that is unfortunately often overlooked. However, this Bali clothing brand works closely with the locals to create well-make and travel-ready items. Therefore, it is no surprise why so many people remain faithful to this excellent brand.

Appetite Studio
If you have a vintage flair, you need to look into this. Appetite Studio is committed to bringing us vintage picnic-ready dresses and frocks that have been hand-painted and made of organic cotton.

So your wardrobe will not only be unique but sustainable and comfortable, too. If you have an appetite for beautiful eco-friendly garments, this company has perfected the recipe and delivers clothing that will look great.

This company doesn't immediately come to mind when we think of eco-friendly; however, its mission to be fully sustainable is crystal clear. It has committed itself to uphold six focus points:

  • Causing zero greenhouse gas emissions

  • Using only conscious materials

  • Improving people by education and empowerment

  • Reducing waste and improving circular economy

  • Promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality

  • Respect for the planet and people

    This company has become a real jewel in sustainable products.

  • Alohas

    Say 'Ola' to a company that focuses on cutting down on waste by offering only on-demand shopping. This might not sound like a sustainable company, but by refusing to oversupply, there is less waste and less of a carbon footprint because of excessive production.

  •  Bite Studios

So many fashion brands take a bite out of our planet's health without even realising it. Bite Studios goes above and beyond to make clothes without harming the environment. They use only natural fibres, and they have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard Federation. Now that is an impressive mouthful.

These companies inspire us all to start wearing sustainable clothing. We take our eco-friendly hats off to every one of them.