Eco-friendly Fashion Trends for 2022

Being eco-friendly doesn't mean you need to look like a tree hugger from the 17th century. There are incredible fashion brands that are putting an earth-loving step forward with beautiful and stylish clothes.

So stay trendy and timeless while being eco-friendly in 2022... The Trends

Stop traffic with sustainable fashion in the new year. Here are a few trendy and timeless looks that are going to stand out in 2022:

Sweatshirts and sweatpants
Sustainable sweatshirts and sweatpants might not sound like the trendiest type of clothing but hang onto your eco-friendly cotton because these clothing items will be unisex, eclectic, and comfortable. In addition, they will be made with hemp fibres and recycled polyester, so you know they will feel just as comfy as your birthday suit.

Recycled material sneakers
Nothing stays in fashion quite like a trendy pair of sneakers because of their incredible versatility and comfort. In 2022, ID.EIGHT will be introducing sneakers that are made from apple peel scraps, the leaves of pineapples, and the stalks of grapes. These unusual materials are combined and turned into a biopolymer. This is used to cover 100% cotton-based sneakers. Sneakers like these put the fruit into fabulous fashion.

T-shirts that have been tie-dyed
Who doesn't love a tie-dye T-shirt? They are fun, colourful, and unique, but are they sustainable? The good news is that you can get your hands on eco-friendly tie-dyed T-shirts that have been made with organic materials and were made with less water. So add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

Recycled beachwear
Summer is the time to maximise your beach time while looking as fresh and beautiful as a goddess from the sea. Your beachwear can be trendy and sustainable because of outstanding companies like Paper London. They are dedicated to making beachwear that has been made from recycled fishing nets. They will get you hooked on their stunning beachwear.

Mini bags
Some of us love a tiny bag. If you adore a super small bag, you will be happy to hear that you can enjoy a vegan mini handbag that will add a touch of style to any outfit. These bags are made with cactus leather. The cat is out of the bag with these fabulous eco-friendly mini handbags.

When it comes to a timeless classic, nothing can compare quite to a pair of jeans. These days you can find a great variety of sustainable jeans made

from hemp fibres and organic cotton. In addition, new colour techniques mean that less water is being used to make the jeans.

A blazer is always a versatile and convenient garment to have in your wardrobe. Now you can get a blazer to add a touch of style to any outfit without adverse effects on our environment. Incredible technology and commitment have made it possible for designers to create fully biodegradable blazers because they are made out of recycled paper. These blazer designers are the true trailblazers.

Stay trendy and cool in 2022 with sustainable clothing that is simply out of this world.