How to Travel Sustainably

Travelling is an exciting experience that can be freeing, rewarding, and uplifting. However, we must continue our sustainable living efforts when we are on the road, too.

Fortunately, it is easy and convenient to travel sustainably these days...

The Methods:

Here are seven ways that you can travel sustainably the next time the road calls your name:

Choose to stay at green hotels

These hotels are dedicated to providing guests with eco-friendly comfort and a sustainable home from home. Although we might expect that this might result in fewer amenities or luxuries, the opposite is true. These hotels still give us all the goods, but they do so with eco-friendly methods.

Your destination matters

When it comes to holiday destinations, they don't all offer the same sustainability. However, choosing a destination that has a lighter footprint

helps our planet. Therefore, before you set your heart on a destination, do your research about the most sustainable destinations.

Boost local economies

These days locals struggle financially all over the world. So when you are out and about while on holiday, make a conscious effort to support the small owned businesses instead of big companies.

Do eco-friendly activities

When you are on vacation, choose to do sustainable activities. For example, go for a hike or visit conservated marine areas. However, avoid activities that cause waste or ecological damage.

Minimize waste

When we are taking a trip, naturally, we would cause more waste. We might want to stop for a take-away coffee or use only half of our hotel shampoos or soaps. We can make a conscious effort to minimize waste by being prepared.

Carry an eco-friendly tumbler with you if you are a big coffee drinker, and keep a set of eating utensils in your bag. In addition, bring your unused hotel soaps and shampoos home and continue using them so they don't go to waste. If your hotel has given you a map of the area, return it to them when you leave so they can give it to a future guest.

Conserve electricity and water

While we are on vacation, we want to enjoy the luxuries that our hotel offers. However, by making small changes, we can make a massive difference. For example, we choose sustainable living by keeping the AC in a higher setting or having a quick shower instead of a bath.

In addition, you are promoting eco-friendly methods by choosing not to have your room cleaned if it isn't overly messy or dirty.

Choose sustainable travelling methods

If you are going to a destination with multiple travelling methods, choose eco-friendly ones. You have time to travel slowly and enjoy your surroundings.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice, so being on holiday doesn't mean you need to stop living in an eco-friendly way. On the contrary, by planning and choosing sustainable living, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that your holiday isn't leaving a dent in our planet's health.