The top benefits of sustainable fashion clothing

The fashion industry is a little bit behind when it comes to featuring eco-friendly products. They are more focused on how the items look in most cases, than the components that they are made from. Significant advances in fabrics have allowed us to create synthetic based, eco- friendly products that can be cheaper to produce as well as provide that style that we're looking for. The damage that it causes to the environment is an afterthought in most cases.

Just imagine as of you reading this, how many articles of clothing have you thrown away? Those usually end up piling up into trash heaps and are not always recyclable. Also, the number of resources to make them cheap and quickly means we’re using more energy than we’re producing.

Benefit #1 – Saving our resources

When we start to look at using organic cotton and blend them with organic hemp, we begin the journey to sustainability. By utilising more efficient means of production, instead of mass production, we can utilise less water and combine that with renewable energy sources in our production, we eventually will produce carbon-neutral clothing items.

With this vision we partnered up with the best sustainable clothing brands. Our aim is to provide the type of clothing one can be proud of that doesn't combine with images of polluted factory air or destroyed riverways due to an abundance of rubbish and waste.

Benefit #2 – Saving our wallets

When we think of something sustainable, we always think of a higher price tag. That's also true when it comes to sustainable fashion clothing. We're working on a way to be carbon neutral and employ fair wages and working conditions, so yes, the sticker price could be a little bit higher than a chain store tee shirt. This has its own benefits though. We end up actually producing what nature had intended us to wear.

Our clothes come softer and feel more luxurious because in fact they actually are. In this case with sustainability comes a much higher degree of quality, meaning that these items we offer are built to last. And since they are built with durability in mind, you end up spending less in the long run for your clothing, because you do not need to replace items so quickly as we have been taught with our disposable economy.

Benefit #3 – Saving our planet.

By shopping for our eco-friendly products, you reduce the carbon footprint, save on your own resources, and thus that leads to a grateful planet. This is now the perfect time to start considering a more sustainable fashion lifestyle and adding clothing to the mix is a great idea. The pandemic has allowed us to be a little bit less reserved in buying the latest fashion brand and allowed us to start embracing the slow fashion movement that is sweeping not only the nation but the world.

We have joined that vision and ensure that our items that we source are as sustainable as possible and make our customers feel amazing at the same time.