The 10 Coolest Ethical Fashion Brands

Some brands are trendsetters when it comes to their vision, products, and work etiquette. These days we can choose our sustainable clothing with great excitement because of incredible ethical fashion brands.

The Brands

These brands prove that fabulous fashion can still put our precious planet first:

Lucy & Yak
Sustainable, ethical, and independent, this brand has raised the bar when it comes to upholding social and positive environmental impact. They use only organic fabrics to make their fantastic apparel. In addition, they pay their workers four times more than the minimum wage. Bravo!

Project Pico
This brand makes organic underwear that shouldn't be hidden. Their lingerie is soft in colour and feminine. They use extractions from trees to dye their apparel, and they use lovely cotton drawstring bags for packaging. It is clear that they are the top Pico of the pack.

SZ Blockprints
If you want a sustainable item of clothing like no other, SZ Blockprints can make this dream come true. They use special printing techniques from India to create extraordinary apparel for the entire family and each piece of clothing is handmade. This is a winner, hands down.

House of Sunny
Feel like a ray of sunshine every day with clothing from this fantastic company. House of Sunny uses only recycled materials to make its unique and gorgeous clothing. They also use e-flow technology when making their

jeans so that they use much less water. House of Sunny is a great sustainable clothing brand that most definitely deserves its place in the sun.

Lounging around the house has never been this gorgeous. Noctu is focused on making all-cotton loungewear with no toxic chemicals. In addition, the brand donates a percentage of sales to keep endangered wildlife safe. That's wild.

We Are We Wear
This phenomenal company promotes sustainability and body diversity. Their swimwear is so flattering that it can be worn in and around the pool or as daywear. They have a large selection of sizes that will fit all shapes and sizes. In addition, they use waste materials to make these fantastic items of clothing. With these extraordinary swimwear items, it is no surprise that We Are We Wear is making a massive splash in fashion.

Girlfriend Collective
This fun brand makes sustainable cycling shorts and leggings with recycled water bottles. With terrific quality and beautiful designs, this brand is freewheeling to success.

If you enjoy rocking the block in a tracksuit, Pangaia will put a big smile on your face. They make incredible tracksuits with bio-based fibres. In addition, they use materials that they collect from recycled plastic bottles to make their tracksuits. Their clothing is eye-catching and exciting. So whether you want to hit the track or lounge at home, get your hands on these fantastic tracksuits.

We all want to join the birds in song because of this remarkable sustainable brand. They make women's clothes from ethical, reclaimed, or sustainable fabrics, and they only use eco-friendly dyes.

These brands are the leaders of the pack in the world of sustainable clothing. By choosing their products, you can be the star of the show on the planet you love so dearly.