Top Sustainable Fashion Designers Making a Change in 2021

As sustainable living becomes more popular, we all start considering sustainable fashion. However, we still want to look good while living eco-friendly lives.

Fortunately, there are incredible fashion designers who design fashion made to impress but is also eco-conscious. These designers are making massive changes not only to our wardrobes but also to the environment.

The Designers

My Illimitato

If you are looking for sustainable fashion that is durable, comfortable, and beautiful, look no further than My Illimitato. The fashion designer has a range of clothing suitable for men and women. From luxurious home wear to a glamorous midi skirt for a night on the town, this designer won't disappoint.

In addition to providing us with unique and incredible sustainable fashion, the designer gives back and has several beautiful charities.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCarthy provides shoppers with fabulous eco-friendly clothing. She delivers sustainable fashion by following four key rules for making eco-friendly clothing, including:

• Always respecting the natural world.

Stella McCartney sources as much from sustainable materials as she can. These materials include organic cotton, forest fibers, and cashmere.

• Respect fellow human beings

The designer insists on positively impacting everyone she is involved with, from the farmer to the shopper.

• Animals need to be respected

This brand is vegetarian because the designer feels her sustainable fashion brand should promote cruelty-free methods.

• Sticking with circular solutions

Sustainable fashion is best ensured with the principles of circular solutions. With the help of restorative and regenerative production efforts, there is less waste and more value.

Sandra Sandor

This designer refuses to use any animal products in her sustainable fashion line. Instead, she makes her own vegan leather and uses upcycled materials to promote eco-friendly clothing. Her love of nature is seen in her designs.

Eileen Fisher Vision

This designer has massive goals that show great dedication to sustainable fashion. The company committed to having a business model that is 100% sustainable by 2020. In addition, the company aims to be carbon positive. Now that they have reached their 2020 goals, they have great plans to work for as 2030 approaches.

These goals include:

  • Circular fashion expansion

  • Use more natural fibres

  • Practice perfect business principles that promote fairness and care in the workplace

  • Reduce the gas emissions of greenhouses

    Maggie Marilyn

    Another designer that has made admirable efforts to promote sustainable fashion is Maggie Marilyn. The company's primary goal is to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand has set a fantastic trend by using cassava root bags for packaging. The designer feels that sustainable fashion should be affordable and that it should be something that everyone should be able to have in their closets.

    Sustainable fashion has never looked this good. With so many talented and dedicated sustainable fashion designers creating eco-friendly clothing, we are excited to see what the future of fashion holds for us and our beloved planet.

    So make the change today and support these incredible designers who work hard to keep our world alive.