About Illimitato

A lifetime of traveling the world has allowed us to build a community of friends, partners, advisors and designers. We have been inspired by many cultures and many people. ILLIMITATO in the Italian language means “Unlimited”. Italians are known for passion, quality and truly living life to the fullest. The best food, the best wine and the best fashion enhance life, are timeless and without creative limitation.

Our Mission

We created My ILLIMITATO to serve a community of people who live their lives without limitations. We started by floating the idea to a small group of our friends around the world and it grew into a never ending river of products that enhance your life and lifestyle. This includes caring for the planet we all share and giving back to those who truly have a need. We are all one global community with unlimited potential. My Life. My Style. MY ILLIMITATO.

We believe in spreading kindness

Each year Illimitato donates a portion of our annual profits to three different UK based charities. Our focus includes caring for the planet we all share, supporting those in need of mental/emotional health and caring for animals.

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