Aluminium Dish Drying Rack


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Extra Large: Silver(Rack), Grey(Tray)

  • The frame of the dish rack is aluminum construction. The utensil holder, then cup holders and the drain board are plastic.
  • The dish rack has 2 decks; the upper deck is flat for cups and mugs. The lower deck has 2 sections, one is for bowls, and pots and another section has slits for plates.
  • The utensil holder is divided into 3 sections and it is removable for space management. There are 4 collins glass holders that clip on to the side and they are also removable.
  • The drain board is slopped towards the perforated holes in the center and the water is collect by underneath spout and let it out to the sink. The spout length is adjustable.
  • Approx. weight is 4.4lbs and the overall dimension of the dish rack is approx. 17-7/8" x 13-3/4" x 10"(Included the second deck)

Shipping Time

United States - 4-7 days

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