Roll Up Foil Yoga Mat


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This Roll-Up Foil Yoga Mat is manufactured from polyester, sponge, and PVC. This mat is water-resistant and comes with compression straps to help keep it compact when folded. Comfortable, durable, aluminum backing, and lightweight making it ideal for camping or long outdoor trips.

The Inflating Camping Mat is 1800mm high, 500mm in width, and 6mm thick, which helps to make it a foldable mat for easy portability and storage. With a foil backing for insulation, it is perfect for camping, hiking, mountaineering as it will help to keep cold and dampness away from the body.


Can be folded.
Easy portability and storage.
Compression straps to help keep it.
Comfortable, durable, and lightweight.
Water-resistant and aluminum backing.
Manufactured from polyester, sponge, and PVC.


Thickness: 6mm
Size: 1800mm x 500mm
Material: Polyester, Sponge, PVC.

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United Kingdom - 4-7 days

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