Cat Hair Brush


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HIGH QUALITY.The dog slicker brush with rounded bristles, perfect for removing loose undercoat of dog and cat hair.Anti-static, durable and safe. SELF CLEANING.Simply Press the button clean easily.Using for both long hair or short hair pets.Safely removes dirt,dander, Tangles and Knots effectively ,and loose fur from the coats of different dog and cat breeds. NOT HURT SKIN.With fine and flexible wire bristles,grooming brush is able to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin. EASY USE.With comfortable ergonomic handle ,comfortable and non-slip,providing comfort for pet owners.After shedding Gently the dog cat hair,just click and wipe away trapped hair. HIGH RECOMMENDED.For pet owners ,vets, and professional groomers, dog massage grooming brush is useful for preventing skin disease and increasing blood circulation.

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