Luxury Leaf Lounge Chair


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Luxury Leaf Lounge Chair

  • Made from beech wood with a long-lasting, elegant finish and print, which is designed to add warmth and uplift your decor for years to come.
  • Bespoke and expertly handmade to order, giving you the finest quality straight to your door.

This pretty, feminine accent chair would make a beautiful addition to any room in your contemporary home. It will definitely bring an element of glamour to your bedroom or hallway, and would really work well in your living room. This type of chair will certainly bring a modern twist to your bedroom decor, especially if used as a dressing table chair or desk chair.

Our accent chairs are decorative, exceptional and are designed to be the feature of any room in your home, and make an exclusive statement. One which is gorgeous, distinctive and sensational.



  • Full height 74cm, full width 63cm, seat depth 49cm
  • Front leg height 23cm, back leg height 19cm
  • Backrest height 55cm, backrest width 50cm
  • Weighs 7kg 

Shipping Time

United States - 4-7 days

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