Daewoo Electric Kettle


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CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT - Prevent lime scale build-up with the concealed heating element while preserving the kettle with boil dry protection AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF - Save energy and stay safe with our automatic switch off feature - This kettle shows when in use with an LED indicator - Keep your kettle clean with its stain resistant exterior ROTATIONAL BASE - This kettle is fully rotational - 360 degree rotation for easy use - A powerful 2200W heating element allows a speedy boil suited for a busy lifestyle STYLISH DESIGN - This kettle was designed with style in mind - The borosilicate glass body and stainless steel detailing make this kettle suitable for any trendy kitchen STAIN RESISTANT - The stain resistance of this kettle keeps it looking immaculate for longer - We've designed this kettle so that you won't see any finger marks on the metal

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