Double Pet Bowl Stand

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This fully adjustable double diner feeding bowl set is perfect for dogs with arthritis or week joints as they will no longer have to bend down to eat or drink. The height of the feeding bowls can be adjusted according to your dog�s age and size, this allows your dog to eat and drink in a more comfortable and natural position which in turn helps to avoid pains, aches and strains. The stand is made from strong steel to hold the 2 stainless steel pet bowls firmly in place, featuring easy screw bolts that allow you to increase and decrease the height of the bowls and fasten them securely to the strong stand with twin feeding bowls for food and water. Features: Stainless steel pet bowl set Pet friendly feeding station Can be used for food or and water Adjust height according to dogs age and size Allows your dog to eat in a natural position Ideal for dogs with arthritis or weak joints Helps to avoid pains and strains Strong stainless steel stand Dimensions Small Height: 27.5cmWidth: 26cm Depth: 22cm Weight: 1.2kg Large Height: 40cm Width: 40cm Depth: 27cm Weight: 1.2kg Package Content 1 x Strong Stainless Steel Stand 2 x Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Bowls

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