Woven Garden Bag

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  • Make your storage decorative or garden indoors and outdoors by using our Woven Garden Basket.
    Our Woven Garden Planters are sturdy and can stay out all year round. However, as they are made from natural materials, they may weather if they are kept outside consistently. This Woven Garden Planter comes with a cute pattern that makes your garden more beautiful. To create drainage holes, simply pierce the lining several times to allow any excess water to flow freely and it . Make your storage decorative.
    This Garden Basket is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these round grey and buff rattan planters are a smart addition to your home or garden. These Plant Pots have a waterproof lining and are available in three sizes. Style both together on your patio, decking or lawn to recreate our fabulous look. Bring order to your office, living room, bathroom and beyond with this charming set of two baskets.
    Easily carried.
    Enough drainage holes
    Make your storage decorative.
    A smart addition to your home or garden.
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    Great for plants and perfect for toys, towels, and all the trinkets.
    H 12" X D 12", Hnd 9"
    Cotton And Jute
  • H 12" X D 12", Hnd 9"
  • Cotton And Jute

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